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Mrs Beeton – 'How to Cook' by Isabella Beeton and Gerard Baker

27 Jan 2012 by annabel

Gerard Baker re-writes Isabella Beeton's classic collection of recipes for the 21st Century kitchenOne of LTR’s favourite chefs Gerard Baker has sympathetically re-written for the 21st Century kitchen Mrs Beeton’s classic collection of recipes ‘How to cook’, to celebrate the original book’s 150th anniversary.  The 220 British recipes have been subtly updated and combined with sound, modern advice on how to source good food, plus detailed information on ingredients and equipment, and illustrations of all the techniques required.

Isabella Mary Beeton was born in London in 1836, where she grew up in a household of 21 children.  It took Isabella four years to compile her masterwork, publishing ‘Mrs Beeton’s book of household management’ in 1861.  It contained an enormous amount of information to help people live, as Mrs Beeton said, “economically, tastefully and well”.  Her straightforward style was hugely influential and has remained so to this day. 

Aside from cooking for private house parties, Gerard Baker is a food writer, broadcaster and food historian.  He has been a contributor to numerous newspapers and magazines and also to the BBC’s national news networks and programmes for over 12 years.

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